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Clear Sealable Poly Bags With Suffocation Warning

Item No CPB
Description Resealable Clear poly bags
Specification 1.5mil
Material 100% LDPE material
Color Clear
Brand ZD
Customized Available
Pack information 100pcs/pk, 10k/ctn
Application shipping suppliers
Price from 0.05-0.15USD base on different size
Clear Sealable Poly Bags With Printed Suffocation Warning

These clear plastic bags have a lip and tape which cannot be re-opened once sealed, making them tamper evident. Ideal for quality assurance purposes. Suffocation warning for safety instructions are printed on bags in three languages.

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Specification Sheet:

Descrtition of GoodsResealable Poly bags with printed warning suffociation
MaterialMade from PE plastic. Food grade material.
Material Compostion100% recyclable LDPE
Pack information100 pcs/pk
FeaturePoly bags with transparent self-sealing, with permanent adhesive, strong adhesive
Suffocation warningwritten in English, Spanish and French. The warning is printed on the back side and states "WARNING: Keep this bag away from babies and children
SafetyEach bag have 4 holes to vent which can avoid the bags bulge and broke
Application suggest:Great solution for inner packing/shipping needs, fit for independent e-shop, brick and mortar location or marketing on Amazon.

USA market Standard size for option

Item No

CPB-5X105101.5mil100 2,000
CPB-6X8681.5mil100 2,000
CPB-6X9691.5mil100 2,000
CPB-6X126121.5mil100 2,000
CPB-7X147141.5mil100 1,000
CPB-8X108101.5mil100 2,000
CPB-9X129121.5mil100 2,000
CPB-10X1210121.5mil100 2,000
CPB-10X1510151.5mil100 1,000
CPB-11X1411141.5mil100 1,000
CPB-12X1712171.5mil100 1,000
CPB-13X1713171.5mil100 1,000
CPB-14X2014201.5mil100 1,000
CPB-16X2016201.5mil100 1,000
CPB-18X1818181.5mil100 1,000
CPB-19X2419241.5mil100 500
CPB-24X3024301.5mil100 250