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120gsm 1 Layer Paper Mailing Bags Biodegradable Compostable

Item No KMP
Description Paper Mailing Bags
Specification 120gsm kraft paper, with bottom gusset
Material 100% kraft paper
Color Brown
Brand ZD
Customized Available
Pack information export carton
Application shipping suppliers
Price from 0.05-0.15USD base on different size

100% Sustainable, Biodegradable, Compostable and Recyclable kraft paper mail bag

Quick details:

Our Kraft paper maling bags are made using kraft paper, resin based glues and soy vegetable based inks, our paper mailing bags represent a significant step forwards in removing plastics from e-commerce.

Our kraft paper mailing bags have been specifically designed for e-commerce. Great for eco-conscious fashion brands looking to reduce plastic in their line-up, our kraft mailbags are recyclable, sustainable and eco-friendly. What's more, our kraft paper mailbags are printed using plant-based inks.

They are supplied flat, so they make a great choice for smaller businesses with minimal storage space and are great for mailing out items that are unlikely to be damaged in transit: clothing and apparel, small fabric accessories, soft toys and more. These mailing bags have been thoroughly researched, trialled and tested against the competition and represent the best quality on the market.

With the secure bottom   gusset, this roomy mailing solution is reusable and 100% recyclable. Constructed from natural wet strength brown paper, impressive strength and reliability are assured.

These reusable mailers are ideal for round trip (two way) fulfillment of samples, replacement parts, exchanges, returns, documents, etc.

paper mailing bags 01.jpg


  • Made from 120gsm FSC Kraft paper

  • Bottom gusset capacity

  • Peel & seal closure & rip strip

  • Robust and water resistant paper mailing bags

  • Popular alternative to polythene mailing bags

  • Double glue for returnable use.

  • Fully recyclable & renewable

  • Many sizes fit within Royal Mail’s small parcel format

  • Reusable mailers are ideal for round trip (two way) fulfillment of samples, replacement parts, exchanges, returns, documents, etc.

Material1 layer 120gsm Natural kraft Paper
SizePlease see our belowing standard size
Feature 1water reistant
Feature 2Double adhesive for reusable and returnable
Feature 3Environmentally friendly composition, 100% recyclable
ClosureSealed with a peel and seal flap
Printinguse me as a shipping bag, I am water resistant
ClosurePeel-&-seal strip for easy closure
Cusotm printing?Yes
Recommend storage:13-21°C (55.4°F – 69.8°F) for optimum performance.

Standard size for option:

Code:Envelope SizePaper:Peal and SealPCS/box
PM1240 x 375mm + 100mm BG1 ply Natural   120gsm2250
PM2325 x 420mm + 100mm BG1 ply Natural 120gsm2250
PM3360 x 480mm + 100mm BG1 ply Natural 120gsm2100
PM4415 x 490mm + 100mm BG1 ply Natural 120gsm2100
PM5650 x 525mm + 150mm BG1 ply Natural 120gsm2100

paper mailing bags 03.jpg

How strong are paper mailing bags?

We have extensively tested our paper mailing bags in wet conditions, and also by sending out a paper mailing bag multiple times via Royal Mail and TNT, which arrived back intact after travelling over 500 miles. In the rain test, a roll of paper remained dry inside the mailing bags even after 3 hours in the rain.

Application suggest:

Ours Paper mailing bags are a fantastic ecommerce option. They come in a variety of sizes and have a tight tape-free seal to keep products safely inside. This means that you can safely package products ranging from clothing and jewellery to technology.

On top of that, paper mailing bags are printable. In a market where company branding is essential to getting a business noticed and remembered, an easy-print option is an ideal option.

With extra mailing protection, your customers are going to be confident that their products will arrive safely. Customers are also more likely to value a company that is taking an eco-friendly approach, as more and more people are showing disgust at unnecessary plastic involved in their purchases.